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Hi all,

This is the Monta Vista Robotics Team. We are coming to the end of build season and we are starting a blog to record all our progress. We have all worked hard on each aspect of the robot and we hope after reading this, you realize how hard we worked on it.

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In the past five weeks, we have been working on a prototype robot to use for drive practice after our competition robot is bagged and shipping to competitions. We started off the build season with a Kickoff event on January 7th introducing the 2017 SteamWorks game and the rules. We began by discussing which aspects of the game our robot should specialize in: picking up gears, shooting fuel balls, or climbing. After debating the positives and negatives of each, the team finalized on focusing on a gear manipulator, and climber. We decided a shooter would be second priority and be worked on if we had extra time. We then built a prototype for each manipulator and tested them determining if we wanted active or passive manipulators. After finalizing the manipulators we ordered two chassis. One for the practice bot and one for the competition bot. When the chassis arrived, some members wired, and programmed the practice bot while others built manipulators. By the third week, we drove and tested the robot including the gear and climbing manipulators. We also hosted Taiwanese Exchange students, introducing them to robotics and showing them what we do here at MVRT and have even encouraged and supported them to start their own FRC team in Taiwan. In the next two weeks we started and finished our competition robot working out the issues found on the practice bot. We are currently testing the code and sensors perfecting it for Regionals Arizona and Silicon Valley Regionals.

After noticing some discrepancies in gender in the past years we have decided to focus more of our attention on gender equality. We held a Women’s Symposium before build to get freshmen girls more comfortable to robotics and have a big sister program called SiSTEM where younger female members have an older member with similar experiences guiding them through the season. MVRT also added another officer position meant to maintain diversity on the team, Director of Diversity Management.

Monta Vista Robotics Team #115