Video Resources

Electrical Tutorials


This video will show you how to run any program on your robot.

LabVIEW Primer I

For those who have never used LabVIEW before, this video is very helpful as it goes over the key points of LabVIEW.

LabVIEW Primer II

Going more in-depth, this video introduces newcomers to some basic editing and wiring techniques in context of the FRC Joystick.

Adding Devices

A good video for showing how to add devices to the robot.

Autonomous Mode

An introduction to programming Autonomous code using LabVIEW.

Deploying Startup Code

This video discusses how to build robot code and deploy that code so that it runs once the robot powers up.

Code Organization

In this video, there are useful wiring techniques and styles plus some information on how to write scalable, modular code to help keep the program neat and organized.


Debugging can be a pain, but this video shows some neat tricks on how to minimize debugging and minimize rebuild and redeployment time.

Mechanical Tutorials

Bosch Tutorial

Get a quick preview of how to use bosch and what it can be useful for in this video!

Drivetrains Training

We show this video to our rookies to show them all the different kinds of drivetrains including swerve, omni, kiwi, and mechanum.

Introduction to Inventor

This video covers what Autodesk Inventor is and why our team uses Autodesk Inventor over other 3D modeling programs.

Parts: Basic Aluminum Extrusion

This video covers how to use the extrude feature on Autodesk Inventor. It walks through how to create a 1x1 aluminum extrusion with a wall thickness of 0.125.

Parts: Cutting Extruded Block

This video covers the cut-extrude feature on Inventor. This feature is used to cut out slots or segments from a solid piece. It is useful when creating a variety of parts and is used often by our team.

Parts: Hole Feature

This video covers the hole feature on Inventor. This feature is used to create holes for screws in pieces. If used properly this feature can save time when creating drawings. Holes have a set of properties attached to them and those properties will show up correctly in the final drawing.

Media Tutorials

Touring the User Interface

This video covers many topics including: navigating in 3ds max, modeling, animating, texturing and lighting a finished scene.

Navigating in the Scene

This video shows how to navigate around the scene using buttons and keyboard shortcuts. Navigating includes zooming, panning, and orbiting.

Box Modeling: Part 1 | Part 2

Both parts describe some basic modeling tools for poly modeling.

Materials and Maps: Part 1 | Part 2

These videos will give you an in-depth tutorial of materials and maps, and how to apply them.

Animating Transforms

This video shows how to animate a jeep, a gate, and a helicopter. You can animate the position and rotation of these objects using Auto Key and Set Key, and edit the animation in the Curves Editor.

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