The mission of FIRST is to spread
STEM in the community

MVRT tries to give back to the community by connecting
with others both in and outside of academic environments.

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Build the Robot

MVRT builds our robot from scratch, and programs it using JAVA, and the robotics FRC library. No prior knowledge is required to join the team.

Compete with Others

MVRT takes its robot to competitions around the nation to play the current challenge against other high school robotics teams.

Outreach and Community

MVRT values the community around us, and connects to it with the power of STEM, through activites such as Eduspire, FLL, and ThinkFIRST.

Explore MVRT Divisions

MVRT has many different engineering and operations divisions.
These options give our members variety to choose when they join the team.

  • Mechanical

    The Mechanical division is responsible for construction of the robot, excluding wiring. We use aluminum frames and power tools for building the robot.

  • Electrical

    The Electrical division codes the robot using the FRC library in JAVA. They also deal with the wiring of the robot.

  • Web and Engineering Documentation

    These divisions are responsible for coding the website of MVRT. We also create apps during the season for Robotics as well as hackathons.

  • Finance

    The Finance division writes grants to various companies in order to get enough money for MVRT to attend competitions, and build the robot.

  • Documentation and Media

    These divisions document the progress of MVRT, and release videos throughout the season, including the Chairmans Award Showcase Video.

  • Outreach and Public Relations

    These divisions are responsible for connecting to our community, through demos as well as programs to teach kids about STEM.

Interested in Joining?

Just fill out the forms, and turn them in to any MVRT Officer!