2012: STEM takes center stage at SIA gala

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Mark Sinks, a student at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, Calif., brought his TI 89 calculator hoping to get Rich Templeton to autograph it. Sure enough the Texas Instruments chief executive was there and happy to sign the calculator. He also autographed one of the basketballs Sink’s team uses in its FIRST Robotics competition...

2012: PHOTO GALLERY: Cupertino Annual Fall Festival held on Sept. 22

This year, the city of Cupertino celebrated its 30th Annual Fall Festival on Sept. 22 at Memorial Park. Coordinated by nonprofit service organization Cupertino Rotary and Silicon Valley-based newspaper World Journal, it featured an array of booths and events open to people of all ages...

2012: MVRT holds demo day Aug. 30

Freshmen basketball enthusiasts Eric Lu and Mark Geha were making their way into the academic court at lunch on Aug. 30 when something caught their eye. Basketballs were flying through the air — and they were being thrown by a three foot-tall red-and-purple robot...

2012: Robots shootin' hoops in Rebound Rumble

One basketball court, eight basketball hoops and 60 robots were the perfect combination for the Silicon Valley Regional FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics competition...

2012: MV Robotics competes at National Championships

It was 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday, but seniors Anant Singhania and Nupur Garg and junior Evelyn Ding weren’t sleeping in. These FIRST MV Robotics officers — President, Director of Engineering and Director of Operations...

2012: Robotics launches competition season on Jan. 7

It was 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday, but seniors Anant Singhania and Nupur Garg and junior Evelyn Ding weren’t sleeping in. These FIRST MV Robotics officers — President, Director of Engineering and Director of Operations...

2011: Robotics engineering branches out

With the press of a button, the machine whirls to life, beeping steadily as its crab-like claw reaches for the crate in front of it.But this is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. This is what a small group of students are currently building...

2011: Robotics strives to inspire passion for engineering

On Mondays after school, the art room at Lincoln Elementary school has acted as a classroom for thinkFIRST, a program designed to introduce math and science principles to elementary students through simple experiments...

2011: Robotics Team defeated in quarter finals of CalGames

On Oct. 21 and 22, the MVHS Robotics Team faced 34 other high school teams at Archibishop Mitty High School during CalGames, an annual heated regional competition. After ranking 15th during the qualification rounds, MVRT...

2011: Fusing a sports team approach with an engineering mindset

In the back corner of Room F107, there stand exactly 37 dusty trophies. A few feet farther stands a shiny black cupboard filled with tools in pristine condition. Monta Vista Robotics Team is clear about where its priorities lie...

2011: Robotics is More Than Rote

Keen on mechanical engineering when he was in middle school, Karthik Kumaravel was drawn to a robotics team demonstration in the middle of the rally court at a back-to-school night. He knew then that when he made it to...

2010: More than the robot to robotics team

The members of MV Robotics Team #115 are known for one thing—creating their award-winning robots, year after year. However, beyond being involved in the technical aspects of the team, members also...

2009: Robotics Team Selected to Beta Test New Material

Over 2,000 teams in the nation. Forty chosen. Two in California. One in Northern California. The prestigious Robotics Team (MVRT) has been chosen to beta test new material from their parent organization...

2007: Taking Flight

Senior Joy Yeh, lead teacher and ambassador of the Monta Vista Robotics team likes to begin each lesson with a question. From experience, she knew she needed to start broadly. She asked her thirteen...

2006: Dueling machines square off in robot games

Students from Homestead, Lynbrook and Monta Vista high schools will compete Oct. 28 with robotics teams from across Northern California in the 2006 Western Region Robotics Forum California Robot games...

2001: Tech Studies

Picking up small balls and placing them in a tower may not seem like a difficult task for most high school students. Creating a robot that can do the same, however, is a challenge welcomed by the Monta...

1999: Inside the Machine

The buzzer sounds and the light turns on; it's off to the races for Sparky. Revving its engine, Sparky runs for the puck in the center of the ring and rolls on top of it. From the other side, Robo Bear...
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