Media Divisions in FIRST teams historically have had logistics problems because of too little members. Although there’s really no way you can force more members to join the Media Division, there are steps that you can take to make sure you can keep whoever you get.

Make sure trainings are hands-on. No one likes listening to hour-long lectures. If you’re going to teach the whole time, at least make sure you get them on the computers so they can do it along with it.

Also, make sure you don’t waste time during trainings. Have new members jump straight into the animation software as fast as possible, because then they’ll see Media as much more exciting and cool and want to continue.

Don’t forget to talk to the members and learn their names. It sounds stupid, but sometimes having that personal connection will cause new members to keep on going in a division.


Here’s a sample calendar of how to plan “animation seasons”. The numbers in parenthesis are approximate numbers of hours that should be spent on each part of the Main Animation process. For the Safety Animation, simply halve the suggested time of each stage (except for the brainstorming part).

First Day (2 hours)

Members meet, brainstorm, and plan a storyboard for the animation. Make sure the prompt is actually being followed. Then break down each scene in the animation into objects that have to be created for them, and assign those out to media members.

First to Third Weeks (9 hours)

Create the models. At the end of all of this, you should compile all of the objects into each scene of the animation.

Fourth Week (3 hours)

Animate/keyframe the models.

Last Week

Render the scenes, put the video together, and upload it to where it needs to go. Having one week to do all of this ensures that any hitches that have occurred will not prevent your animation from being submitted.
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