Meet El Toro

2014 Robot: El Toro XVII

El Toro XVII
  • First non-bosch robot, using West Coast Drive
  • Cypress-based driver station with sliders to control the launch mechanism
  • Autonomous capable of earning 20 points max
  • Winch with pneumatic piston for release/loading of launch mechanism
  • Arm with roller to bring the ball into the robot

The Game: Aerial Assist

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2013 Robot: El Toro XVI

El Toro XVI
  • Lightest, simplest chassis in several years, but retains strength and maneuverability
  • Cypress-based driver station with buttons for ergonomics and indicator for shooter readiness
  • Camera with vision processing and aiming crosshairs
  • Adjustable speed allows for fine-tuning of shooting
  • Active hooking mechanism with two pneumatic pistons
  • Can shoot while in hanging position for late game points
  • Passive indexing mechanism: consolidated pushing and indexing mechanisms

The Game: Ultimate Ascent

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2012 Robot: El Toro XV

El Toro XV
  • 10 4" wheel drive with a 3/8th inch center offset using 4 CIM motors and all traction wheels
  • Rotating wedge manipulator for lowering the bridge
  • Single ball conveyor and a roller pickup, attached to a two wheel, adjustable speed shooter for scoring against the fender
  • IR Sensors located on conveyor for ball detection
  • Can score two balls in autonomous, at all three heights, and balance on the bridge
  • Slanted chassis on both sides to go over the bump quickly

The Game: Rebound Rumble

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2011 Robot: El Toro XIV

El Toro XIV
  • 6 Wheel drive with an 1/8th inch offset using 4 CIM motors and center traction wheels for quick turning
  • Grabber with 4 treaded wheels and v-belts to quickly grab and manuver all three shapes of tubes
  • Single-staged telescoping arm with 200 degree pivot to pick up from both sides
  • Line Sensors for autonomous placing and both anolog and digital encoders to control the arm
  • IR sensors on grabber for pool tube dedection
  • Spring loaded slides for quick horizontal minibot deployment
  • Minibot with 4 wheels and magnets climbs the pole in under 3 seconds

The Game: LogoMotion

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2010 Robot: El Toro XIII

El Toro XIII
  • 4 wheel drivetrain using 4 CIM motors and 2 high traction wheels in front for auto-alignment over bump and pivoting around ball
  • Fuzzy roller for ball control and auto-center for kicker
  • Spring-tensioned, pneumatically actuated kicker
  • Target tracking with camera
  • Roll cage for passive self righting

The Game: Breakaway

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2009 Robot: El Toro XII

El Toro XII
  • 6x4 wheel drivetrain using 2 CIM motors and 2 wheels in the front for weight distribustion
  • 2 Conveyor styles, fuzzy PVC wide belt or 1/2" wide v-belts
  • Pneumatically actuated "wall" behind the conveyor to allow pickup of balls without shooting them out, can hold 8-9 balls
  • cRio with gyro to detect angle and auto-correct

The Game: Lunacy

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2008 Robot: El Toro XI

El Toro XI
  • 4 wheel drivetrain running 4 CIM motors offers speed and maneuverability while racing around the track.
  • 3 stage elevator allows for knocking off the ball from the overpass during hybrid and raises to 8'6" in order to hurdle the trackball.
  • Pneumatically actuated grabber always for grabbing the ball from the ground and used for holding the ball around the track. Also used to place the ball on the overpass in the end game.
  • IR board mounted to be used during the hybrid mode.

The Game: Overdrive

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2007 Robot: El Toro X

El Toro X
  • 6 wheel drivetrain running 4 CIM motors offers speed and maneuverability.
  • 2 stage arm folds under 60" and deploys to score all three levels of the rack.
  • Pneumatically actuated grabber picks ringers up from the floor and wall.

The Game: Rack 'n' Roll

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2006 Robot: El Toro IX

El Toro IX
  • The four wheel kit drive train using 4 Chiaphua motors
  • Picks balls off the ground
  • A two level basket holds up to 20 balls
  • A variable speed shooter can shoot from past midfield

The Game: Aim High

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Game Manual

2005 Robot: El Toro VIII

El Toro VIII
  • 6-wheel drive train
    • 4 chiaphua motors
    • Fast turning
  • Elevator arm
    • Grabs Tetras
    • 30-30 mm Bosch extrusion
    • extends up to 10 ft high

The Game: Triple Play

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Game Manual

2003 Robot: El Toro VI

El Toro VI
  • Extremely durable 4-wheel drive train using 2 drill motors and 2 chiaphua motors
  • Had an elevator that was capable of stacking boxes
  • Made of 20-20 mm Bosch extrusion
  • First robot to have EEPROM, a joystick recording program, which is used during autonomous
  • Got 1st place at Silicon Valley

The Game: Stack Attack

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Game Manual

2002 Robot: El Toro V

El Toro V
  • Fast 4-motor drive train
  • Low center of gravity
  • Large claw used to pull the large goals
  • Made of 30-30 mm Bosch extrusion
  • Had a mouse-bot inside which is able to run back to the home zone
  • Got second place in Silicon Valley

The Game: Zone Zeal

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Game Manual

2001 Robot: El Toro IV

El Toro IV El Toro IV
  • Picks up 2 big balls
  • Can also pick up 6 small balls (4 reliably)
  • Can balance 2 goals while holding 2 big balls above them to ensure they don't fall off
  • Can grab or release stretcher or goal
  • Can place a big ball on a goal that is on the ramp
Flier for El Toro IV

The Game: Diabolical Dynamics

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2000 Robot: El Toro III

El Toro III
  • The space between bars of the basket is slightly smaller than the diameter of a ball. To pick up balls the robot either pushes balls against the wall or squishes the ball from above.
  • Could hang reliably

The Game: Co-Operation FIRST

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1999 Robot: El Toro II

El Toro II
  • Drivetrain: The four wheel tank drive configuration of this robot allows for a small turning radius, good maneuver abilities as well as a decent speed
  • The Basket carries eight or more floppies above the eight foot mark
  • The Basket Raising Belt linked to the basket, enables the robot to raise the basket above eight feet by extending the two stage arm perpendicular to the ground and pulling the basket up
  • The Leverage Arm rotates and pushes off the puck to lift the back of the robot which allows the rear wheels to drive the robot backwards on to the puck
  • The Two Stage Arm designed for multiple uses, is capable of blocking other robot's baskets from raising and assists in picking and raising floppies above the eight foot mark
  • The Floppy grabbing device is able to pick up and release floppies with the aid of velcro

The Game:
Double Trouble

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Poster of El Toro II

1998 Robot: El Toro

El Toro

The Game: Ladder Logic

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