Chairman's Award
Chairman’s is divided among three components. There is an essay submission, a presentation, and video submission. In order to compete for Chairman’s, you are required to submit all three portions. In general, the essay will be due around the time of the Ship date, while the presentation and video need to be prepared by the Regional that you decide to submit Chairman’s for. Chairman’s can be submitted at only one regional and can be submitted through STIMS account that your team leader should have access to.


The Chairman’s essay is the most effective way at telling the judges a concise record of your team’s accomplishments in the past year. We will generally start by developing a theme for our entire submission. In the past we have chosen themes such as “Students Learn, Teach, Give, and Spread” and broke up our essay into four components. In each component we will explain the different aspects of our team that will fit inside it. For example, within the Students Learn component, we talk about our trainings, our mentors, and team structure and how students on the team learn through these aspects. After developing a theme, list all the events and aspects of your team that would like to talk about in the essay. Start to categorize them into each section of your theme and create a general outline. Remember while doing this, to mark references for all the events who you can talk to and get information and personal experiences from. This will help you write the essay from a personal point of view. Once a general outline has been complete, begin writing each section of your essay. Save your introduction and conclusion for the end. You will want to keep your word count in mind, but don’t let it restrict you on your first draft. Keep in mind that this essay will require many edits from many different people before eventually being submitted. Once you have completed each of the sections within the essay, start working on the introduction and conclusion. Make sure that your introduction hooks the judges and gets them interested in your team and makes your theme very clear. After you have a working draft, start to cut sections to reduce your word count to below the maximum. Make sure that during the editing process, you get it read by mentors, alumni, and fellow members. Make sure you leave about two weeks before the deadline for editing and revisions. After submitting your essay it’s time to move on to preparing for you presentation.


At the regional that you submit Chairman’s to, you are required to give a 5 minute presentation. Keep in mind that the 5 minutes you get start the moment you enter the room so don’t attempt to bring in any material that would require you to spend more than a few seconds to set up. In the past, we have bought printed poster boards as visuals during our presentation. Make sure that you limit the information on your visuals and keep the judges interested in what you are saying rather than the visuals you have brought with you. Stick to your theme while presenting. Try to focus on the most important segments of your submission as five minutes is not enough time to cover everything that your team does. You are allowed three people in judging room so divide the speaking time as evenly as possible. If you are using boards, make sure you are rotating who is changing the boards/flipping to a new one, so that the same person who is speaking is not changing the boards. Try to include personal anecdotes while presenting as it adds depth to the presentation and shows how your team and its events and programs have impacted you and the people of your community. A good idea is to complete a working presentation about a week before the regional and present it to as many people as possible such as mentors and alumni, not only to gain feedback, but to gain practice presenting in front of people. You want to look as unpracticed as possible, while showing as little flaws as possible. In simple terms, being relaxed and comfortable while presenting gives the judges the best impression of you. Judges also like to ask questions to test that all the presenters know everything about the team. Sometimes they will ask questions to a presenter on what another presenter said. Make sure you know everything about your team forwards and backwards. At the end of the regional, you will receive a feedback sheet based on how you did. Use this as a building block for future years-it took us eleven years to win Chairman’s; don’t be discouraged if you don’t win right away.


In addition to the presentation and essay, all teams are required to submit a video at the regional. You video adds depth to your entire submission as it will show the emotions of individuals through all the events that you do. It’s important that your team makes a clear plan and timeline when creating the video. Scripting and storyboarding should take approximately two weeks, filming approximately two weeks, and editing 4 weeks. That will generally give you 8 weeks to complete your video which puts you right around the time of the regional that you might submit for Chairman’s. Depending on the regional, you might have to adjust that timeline. Remember to be in line with the theme discussed in the essay. If at all possible, do interviews with an HD Camcorder and use a professional video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to edit your videos. It will give you the best quality when exporting your videos and burning them onto the DVDs.


In addition, MVRT creates a binder which comprises of everything that the team does. It includes all the manuals, award submissions for the year, event descriptions and pictures, letters of recommendations, and news articles that MVRT has been featured in. It is a record of the team’s structure and history in a presentable binder. We hand the judges this binder as we present Chairman’s as a supplement for them to review and consider while judging us.
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